S'Olivar Web

Web design and development for s’Olivar restaurant, located in Palma de Mallorca.

The website has a one-page format, in order to achieve the priority of having a simple and easily accesible design that shows the basic information of the restaurant.

The design is adjusted to the branding guidelines of s’Olivar, using its corporate colors and aesthetics.

The website design is not just responsive (it adjusts to any electronic device) but Mobile First as well, which means that it takes special care of the usability in the mobile version. For example, it shows the website menu bottom right in the screen, making it more accesible.


Restaurante S’Olivar 


Ancar Studio Solivar Mobile First
Ancar Studio Solivar Web Responsive
Ancar Studio Solivar Mobile First Responsive
Ancar Studio Solivar Web